The Falcony is a small bird park located in the center of Malindi. Special feature of this park is that most raptors are not in a cage. Besides the birds there’s also a small collection of snakes present.

[head]Gede Ruins[/head]

Gede ruins is located in a forest. The scenery is breathtaking. The local guide will tell you everything about the origin of the ruins and the lifestyle of that time.

[head]Hell's kitchen[/head]

The natural wonder the Marafa Depression or popularly called Hell's Kitchen arose 300 years ago. It consists of gorges and ravines. The colors of the sandstone are amazing.


When you visit the woodcarving cooperation, you can take a look how the beautiful woodcarvings are made. You'll be amazed of the craftsmanship of these artists.

[head]Crocodile farm[/head]

Besides all the crocodiles at the park there are also several species of lizards and snakes. If you do not fear snakes you even can feel what it's like to carry a boa constrictor around your neck.

[head]Curiosa market[/head]

At the curiosa market you will find many beautiful things for little money. Jewelry, belts, bags, picture frames, wood carvings, paintings, slippers and clothes are just a small selection of the collection.

[head]Robinson Island[/head]

If you get the chance visit Robinson Island. You will be brought to it by boat. You visit the restaurant which has no license so you bring your own drinks, and the restaurant itself has been built by beach combing. Large tables, big cushioned seating areas and a sand floor. You will receive a delicious lunch, everything comes directly from the sea.